You’ve decided to become self employed but find that there are some missing ingredients to being successful.  Being a freelancer is to be buffeted about by the winds of economic change – with no guarantees your clients will still need you this time next year. Companies’ fortunes fluctuate and when things get tough, contract staff are the first ones to feel the pain.

This is where a Corporate Services Provider can help you take the first steps to establishing your own company by registering your business, taking on your management accounts, ensuring that you comply with legislation and advise you on longer term plans and investments.  In fact a whole array of services tailored to your needs meaning that you can concentrate on making your product or service the best in the market place.

A CSP can also help with your business development by helping you to build your contacts list, setting and achieving targets and even taking on staff

Here are the benefits:

Freedom: No more nine to five, unless you want to work nine to five of course.  Utilise your CSP to the full so that you can fully concentrate on your customer thereby releasing you from being office bound. You are the boss so you set the rules and as long as the customer is satisfied you can choose when you work and improve your work/life balance.

Reap the rewards: If it is your business you are the beneficiary of your hard work, and why not because you are taking all the risks. The profit you make is yours to save, spend or reinvest as you see fit. Your CSP can help to invest your hard earned income by giving you sound advice.  They can also advise on all elements of tax allowances and corporation tax.  Not only is this a better situation, it is highly motivational.

Pride: No matter how much satisfaction you have received from wherever you worked before, it will never match the sense of achievement gained from launching your own enterprise and seeing it flourish.  Don’t let it be daunting that’s what a CSP is for.  They will help you formulate a sound marketing plan that will enhance your reputation and build your client base.

Giving something back: Many business owners love the idea that in building their organisation, they can give back to the community or communities they operate in the form of the products and services they offer, by donating to charities and especially the ability to create jobs.  A CSP advises on philanthropic opportunities that suit your business.

In the early days you may not be in a position to hire anyone else so it’s down to you to think of everything. But that means you can do it the way you want it done.  Use your CSP for HR advice as well as recruitment advertising and interviewing skills.

A CSP will work the way you want it to, following your systems and matching your tone. It’s a more cost effective way of making sure your back office is taken care of efficiently and consistently without the often unnecessary financial burden of hiring full-time staff.