A&B Corporate Connect

When you are a small company, or are just starting out, every penny counts. You need to keep your costs low and your cashflow fluid but here’s the dilemma; how can you keep an eye on money in and money out without investing in an accountant?

The answer is simple – outsource your accountancy and bookkeeping to a corporate services provider (CSP). There are many reasons why this makes sense:

Cost effectiveness: Money you spend on in-house staff to do your books is money that could be invested in finding new customers or making your business more efficient. A CSP works for a range of people and invests in the right people to do it. Their costs will be lower and that is passed on to you.

Quality: You set the standards of work required and the CSP makes sure you receive them – every day, week in and week out. 

Low overheads: Why risk the inefficiency of an in-house accountant when you get a consistent service whose expertise is only paid for when you need to use it? No holiday pay, sick pay, training or hardware costs and no down time or ‘duvet days’ either. If your costs are lower, your profitability is higher. 

Stay ahead: Flexible outsourcing makes businesses more nimble and able to react to changing situations, you can scale your requirements up and down as and when conditions dictate. 

Freedom: If you are secure in the knowledge that your finances are in good hands you can concentrate on the things you do best – finding new customers and keeping your current clients happy. If you are having to manage your own finances, the time you have available to spend in front of the people that can make a difference to your revenue is severely curtailed.

Valuation: A company with low overheads and high profitability is more desirable than one burdened by too many staff. Organisations who outsource are more likely to be profitable and considered for a deal when it comes to a sale. And if you are looking for financing those low overheads won’t harm your case either.

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