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Giancarlo Augustoni


Giancarlo qualified as an accountant in Italy over 40 years ago, where he founded an accountancy practice in Torino and Mondovi.

Its success provided the funds to launch A&B with business partner Ilario Brocchieri in London in 2009. The company went from strength to strength and has now  many selected clients worldwide.

Giancarlo’s experience as an entrepreneur and his global contacts book make his expertise a valuable asset to those he works with. He is an expert in International tax planning, asset management and asset protection, with a proven track record of helping businesses make sound financial decisions on the international stage. 

His client list extends all over the world and features large UK registered companies as well as international concerns. His knowledgeable, friendly approach is trusted to bring a strategic vision that equips businesses with the tools to grow and safeguard against the future.

His strengths include extensive knowledge on how a small business works with a brilliant grasp of international tax corporation law, tax planning, accountancy and asset management and protection. He is also a committed philanthropist.



Shaula Canale


Shaula’s wide-ranging knowledge of UK and international law, and experience in a variety of jurisdictions means she is the go-to person for all aspects of law. In addition to this, she is responsible for the general management of A&B with a particular focus on client management and client relations and the first point of contact for businesses.

Fluent in Italian and English her passion for her subject and determination to provide the very best service marks her out as an engaging, professional partner for your business.

She graduated with LLB Hons in Law and subsequently completed the Legal Practice Course at Cardiff University, then moved to London to start her training contract as a solicitor. She came to A&B as a consultant in 2018 but her flair, commitment to the company’s client-focused ethos and success for her clients meant she was soon taken on permanently.

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