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At A&B Corporate Connect we offer a wide range of services for both individuals and businesses, from Accountancy & Tax Planning Services to Corporate Administration and full Property Management Services. Whether you require support with legal, accounting or tax planning A&B has the knowledge and experience to deal with any kind of assistance you may need.

The Company was established 10 years ago as a Trust Company, by Giancarlo Augustoni and Ilario Brocchieri, both chartered accountants from Italy. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength and has many international clients who trust us to manage their UK companies and their worldwide investments.


We now also have an established Property Department and can offer many property services such as, Property Finder Service, Full Management & Maintenance Service and a Refurbishment Service.

We specialise in helping investors from all over the world find their perfect investment property in London. We work in close partnership with Zoopla, Prime Location and many other reputable agents. If you are an investor and are looking for an investment property in London we can organise, assist and manage everything from start to finish and beyond! In the past couple of years we have helped many of our overseas clients find and purchase their perfect investment property and continue to provide them with excellent property management services.



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Our Services

legal business advice in UK

Legal Advice
Paralegal Advice

Our legal advice encompasses helping clients navigate through business contracts, property law & tax law.

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tax advice

Tax Advice

Our authoritative tax advice will ensure your business is in the best possible position.

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accounting and business services uk

Financial and Accounting

We can ensure your business is in the best shape with expert financial support and accounting.

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business advice and investment management in uk

 Company formation and administration

A comprehensive service that will enable you to register your company in the UK smoothly and assist you with opening a business account.

Leave all of your administrative and secretarial functions to us, so you can focus on more pressing business issues.

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Our Packages

We have a range of packages that are suitable for all businesses and budgets. Find out which package is right for your business by clicking here, or find out more about expert business advice in the UK, by getting in touch.

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Why Choose A&B Corporate Connect

For your business to perform as it should, it needs to accomplish a number of different functions effectively. Sourcing out these various functions such as your business planning, marketing and investment advice will take much time and effort. Finding a reliable company that you can trust will take even more time. At A&B Corporate Connect, we offer everything under one roof. You can focus on more pressing business concerns, safe in the knowledge that essential business tasks are in our safe and capable hands. Our package system means that you can tailor our support to exactly what you need, and you will receive critical, ongoing assistance as long as you require it.

If you would like to take advantage of our expert business advice in the UK, get in touch with us and let us know which service you require.

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